How to prevent radicalization? The ARMOUR Project and our preliminary study results were presented in Al-Ghurabá Magazine's newest issue!

The Al-Ghurabá Magazine of CISEG is an alternative counter-narrative tool to prevent the violent radicalization of jihadist etiology. It was born in August 2017 as a project of CISEG, a non-profit association dedicated to creating links between all professionals in the intelligence and security sector. The objective is to involve civil society in this sector and to offer prevention and counter-narrative tools to prevent the violent radicalization of jihadist etiology within the communities.

ARMOUR is presented in the newest - 27th Issue - of the Magazine. The article reflects on the ARMOUR Project aims and activities emphatizing those already conducted and their preliminary results. The upcoming activities on the development of the experimental labs have also been discussed to engage the public in this project innovation.

To read the full article, please visit this link (in Spanish).