The ARMОUR project aims to create an innovative approach in several ways:

It focuses on the silent majority and capacitates it to understand and avoid root causes of social polarisation and radicalization;

It aims to address the vulnerabilities of disenfranchised groups in the framework of experimental labs;

It achieves cost-effectiveness and accessibility of its model, by focusing not only on the nature of the model itself but also on how it is being implemented;

It applies to all types of social polarisation and violent extremism; and

It aims to build trust and strengthen individual and community resilience by creating safe spaces and changing the traditional target audience of previous projects – from radical pushers and joiners to the silent majority in the middle.

In term of specific deliverables, the project seeks to develop:

reports on best practices in tackling right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism and religiously-inspired extremism;

two- and one-day laboratories with a minimum of 150 participants taking place in six different countries;

development of a train the trainers programme with a minimum of 250 participants taking place, again across seven countries;

design and validation of a Toolkit, containing the results of both the experimental labs and the train the trainers programme;

a social media campaign promoting credible alternatives and positive narratives aimed at capacitating both individuals and communities in creating viable solutions, alternative non-violent ways of expressing grievances and effecting positive change within society.

All public project deliverables under each work package will be published in the Deliverables Section.