The EU-funded project CEE Prevent Net - Central and Eastern European Network for the Prevention of Intolerance and Group Hatred, aims at safeguarding young people by strengthening their resilience toward increasing levels of intolerance, discrimination, and group hatred in Europe, and improving their skills to contribute to a peaceful and democratic society. Building on the previous project European Fair Skills, CEE Prevent Net focuses on Central and Eastern Europe and Eastern Germany, since this region shares common socio-historic experiences, structural conditions, and current challenges.

In 2020, the CEE Prevent Net published ‘10+1 Good Practices in Preventing Intolerance, Discrimination, and Group Hatred in Central and Eastern Europe’ as a result of a robust exchange of good practice methods among various organizations and civil society actors in the areas of youth work and (non-formal) education aimed at preventing intolerance, discrimination, and right-wing populism and extremism in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The publication contains good practices for and from practitioners from this region, in which liberal democracy, tolerance, human rights, and civil society are currently acutely threatened. It intends to mainstream and amplify these approaches while highlighting Central and Eastern European perspectives more broadly, especially since approaches from Central and Eastern Europe are still frequently overlooked in EU-wide prevention discourses and networks.

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