The EU-funded J-SAFE held its first online event with the project’s Final Conference series on 9 December 2020. It was dedicated to the benefits of blended virtual reality for security and justice training, presenting the VR prototype developed by the project and discussing the technology and its uses and benefits. Learn more about the event and its topics here.

The next two events will take place on 16 December 2020 and 13 January 2021, respectfully:

New Technological Solutions for Crime Prevention and Investigation in Prison: An insightful debate on the use of technologies within prison in Europe and beyond.

Guidelines for Legal Practitioners Dealing with Radicalisation Cases: Public presentation of the handbooks released by the project: ‘Harmonized Guidelines for Judges’, ‘Handbook for Front Line Prison and Probation Practitioners’ and ‘Handbook for Prison Police and Security’.

Should you be interested to take part, you can get more information on the events at the project website.

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