The Mediterranean and Black Sea region is an international centre of economic and commercial development and transactions. At the same time, it is characterised by a very volatile and dynamically changing security environment that poses severe threats and challenges on the societies and their prosperity. The MEDEA Project is an EU-funded one that aspires to contribute to the establishment of safer and more secure societies throughout the Mediterranean and Black Sea region using research and innovation as a catalyst to promote collaboration between practitioners from diverse disciplines and countries.

The project seeks to:

Establish and operate the MEDEA Network - a multi-disciplinary network of security practitioners, with active links to policy makers and users/providers of security innovations across the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries and focusing on border protection and other security- and disaster-related tasks.

Engage participants in anticipatory governance on emerging security challenges that the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries would face in the coming years, based on a threefold structure that forms the backbone of the project: understanding the unsatisfactory state of play, designing a desirable future and defining a resilient pathway on how to achieve this.

Push for the “co-creation” of security technology and capabilities innovations between practitioners and innovation. Their evaluation and prioritization will be based on a multi-criteria analysis (technology, operational, cost-benefit, etc.) and it will be linked to human development, policy making and organizational improvements in-terms of facilitating their use by the practitioners.

Establish and annually update the Mediterranean Security Research and Innovation Agenda (MSRIA), that identifies areas where security and defence research is needed and establishes recommendations for European security and defence technology investments.

The topic on radicalisation is discussed as part of the 3rd Thematic Community of Practitioners dedicated to the fight against cross-border crime and terrorism.

Should you be interested in the future activities of the MEDEA Network, check their website and explore options to engage.