The RAN papers consolidate RAN’s expertise and knowledge on radicalisation and violent extremism into an accessible format, providing up-to-date information.

They introduce the latest research findings – collected by the RAN Centre of Excellence – and include input from first-line practitioners. All are reviewed by relevant stakeholders within the RAN Editorial Board prior to publication.

The 2019 RAN collection is available online and covers a variety of topics in the field of preventing violent extremism and radicalisation, including highly specific topics such as mental health, restorative justice, gender-specific approaches, etc.

The Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) is a network of frontline or grassroots practitioners from around Europe who work daily with people who have already been radicalised, or who are vulnerable to radicalisation. Practitioners include police and prison authorities, but also those who are not traditionally involved in counter-terrorism activities, such as teachers, youth workers, civil society representatives, local authorities’ representatives and healthcare professionals.

The RAN Centre of Excellence uses its expertise to guide the RAN Working Groups. It also supports the EU and individual countries when requested to do so and disseminates key knowledge gathered.