In case you missed the latest updates from the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), here is an interesting interview with Jesper Holme, a Danish educator and expert in preventing radicalisation. He emphasises on the significant potential of schools as laboratories of democracy:

“Our programme [a cooperation between the municipality and the police] works on what I call the 'green level' – the youngest youth level – doing work with them to build up confidence, embrace belonging and participation in schools no matter what background.”

Mr. Holme also focuses on teachers’ training towards an inclusive approach and the need of a holistic education model:

“Teachers and schools should not be focused only on the substance of lessons and the curriculum being taught, like history, and maths, but how teachers are treating students daily, inviting all opinions that will allow classrooms to become breeding grounds for critical thinking linked to democratic values.”

Read the full interview with Mr. Holme here.

Source: RAN, October 2019