The RAN YOUNG Empowerment Academy held its second session on 7 and 8 May in France: participants attended workshops, worked on their projects plans and learnt how to make an elaborate planning for their initiatives. A paper was published to describe the structure and steps involved in developing a project plan for a preventing/countering violent extremism (P/CVE) initiative.

A number of key lessons were highlighted in the second session:

Young activists are advised to make use of existing tools to develop their project plan: planning and mapping exercises, the SMART tool and the SWOT analysis. These tools have been proven effective in many contexts and should be employed by those planning P/CVE work.

Take the time to develop a project plan and engage with this document at all the phases of the initiative. This document underpins the work and serves as a basis, helping young activists stay on track and remain focused on their goals throughout the implementation of their P/CVE work.

Detailed planning helps to keep the process moving forward. A weekly plan serves to facilitate task division and clarifies which steps remain before the goal is achieved.

This paper is written for young activists who have decided to take action and seek solutions to the issues and challenges in their communities by setting up their own local P/CVE initiative.

Follow up the work of RAN YOUNG Working Group for more interesting updates and guidelines!

Source: RAN