There are two reasons to discuss sports and leisure activities in the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). The first one is because extremists misuse the sports stages for their propaganda and recruitment. This should be countered to safeguard sports and its participants and spectators, and to push back on extremist manifestation and capacity building.

The second reason lies in the promising potentials inherent to sports. Sports and leisure activities are a well appreciated tool in the toolbox of youth workers and others working with youngsters. The question is, under which conditions can sports and leisure activities contribute to the different levels of prevention of radicalisation and extremism?

RAN Youth, Families and Communities (RAN YF&C) has further built on these understandings and addresses those who care for sports, shared fundamental values and the prevention of violent extremism (PVE). RAN Centre of Excellence’s series published a paper to provide practical suggestions that can be copied or implemented in the organisation of sports activities. They can also feed into local approaches that combine youth welfare and safeguarding of youth.

Source: RAN