The first interim Consortium meeting of the ARMOUR Project is held in Granada, Spain on 27-29 November 2019 and is kindly hosted by the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (FUNDEA). Representatives of all but one project partners, including the Center for Security Studies - KEMEA (Greece), the Mihai Viteazul National Intelligence Academy (Romania), SYNYO GmbH (Austria), Agenfor International (Italy), LIBRe Foundation (Bulgaria), the University of Malta (Malta) and the University of Groningen (Netherlands), were present.

During the meeting, the partners discussed and approved key aspects of the project future development including its stages and the overall implementation plan and outlined the dissemination and evaluation strategies and criteria.

Special attention and extensive discussions were dedicated to the core project activities under WP3 ‘Experimental Labs’ and WP4 ‘Integrating best practices and training’.

WP3 is in its pre-testing phase validating the approach undertaken in the design of the Experimental Labs. The colleagues from the Mihai Viteazul National Intelligence Academy presented the results from the first pre-test and the team communicated in details various concerns and suggestions for improvements towards the effective implementation of the Labs – now scheduled to take place in February – April 2020,

The trainings under WP4 are to be implemented in 2020 implementing the findings of and building upon the Experimental Labs. The ARMOUR Team discussed several specifics related to the trainings and how the Experimental Labs are to be integrated in the on-site events. In addition, the team discussed the implementation of the trainings online in a few platforms.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 2020 in Bucharest, Romania.

The Experimental Labs under WP3 will be officially launched in the beginning of 2020. If you are interested to take part, drop us a line via the Contact form and stay tuned for more details!