Work Package 4 ‘Integrating best practices and training’ (WP4) aims to design and carry out a train the trainer programme for first-line practitioners and civil society representatives on (a) best practices in the field of countering extremist ideologies and polarization among young people, and (b) integrating and using the ARMOUR experimental labs in their countering violent extremism activities. The training programme will empower first-line practitioners and civil society to better address the phenomena of radicalization and polarization among young people both by helping them make better use of existing knowledge in this field and also by providing them with a clear tool they can use in their work, that does not require an extensive allocation of resources and is complementary to existing efforts in this field.

WP4 is divided in four sub-tasks, as follows:

T.4.1 Integration of best practices

T.4.2 Design of the train the trainer (TTT) programme

T.4.3 Organization of the TTT programme: the train the trainer programme will be me carried out in six countries and will include three days of face-to-face training followed by two weeks of distance learning. The total number of participants taking place in the programme will be minimum 250 participants. The training groups (of approx. 20 participants/group) will include a mix of first-line practitioners and civil society members, so as to facilitate multidisciplinary approaches and networking.

T.4.4 Evaluation of the TTT programme: ARMOUR will use an adaption of the IMTEE model of evaluation which combines variables of training evaluation and effectiveness for comprehensive assessment. Thus, the TTT programme will be validated on three dimensions, including reactions to the training content and design, changes in the learner and organisation payoffs.

Some of the deliverables under WP4 are confidential; however, those that are public will be published in due time upon delivery in the Deliverables Section. All results and findings that are available to the public can be found in the TTT programme's Documents Section.

Information about each focus group under the project can be found in the TTT programme's Events Section.

The ARMOUR Consortium will regularly publish news on the WP4 development under the News Section. Meanwhile, in case of questions or comments please get let us know via the Contact Section.