Q2 2020 (tbc)


Work Package 5 ‘Evaluation, testing and validation of design’ aims to design and implement an impact assessment of the experimental labs. A rigorous impact assessment methodology will be elaborated and implemented, including quantitative and qualitative methods, aiming at measuring and registering the results of the experimental labs in connection to the expected results and planned objectives, in terms of impact (if the expected objectives have been reached at the level of participants in relation to changing of behaviour and adopting the techniques and instruments in the professional activity) and process (applicability of the labs' design).

Among other activites, the methodology includes organazing a control focus group formed out of individuals who did not take part at the experimental labs, representative of each of the participants’ categories. This control focus group will target to understand the impact of the experimental labs, in connection to the results obtained in the first focus group.

More information on the implementation of the focus group will be published in due time! Meanwhile, in case of questions or comments please get let us know via the Contact Section.