Bucharest, Romania

The Narrative and Cultural Awareness Lab delivers a framework, scenario, and detailed set of exercises and simulations that can assist participants in understanding the role narratives play in our identity formation, the way they can spot dysfunctional or toxic narratives and, last but not least, the way in which they can use narratives in order to employ promising psychoeducational intervention practices in their professional daily routine. It comprises a series of exercises that, if used in convergence, can help first line professionals use narrative therapy strategies and techniques to help divert young people from a negative image of self and others. It also offers solutions to encourage in young people positive and empowering ways of self-expression and self-affirmation. The techniques described have been inspired by the work of therapists using narrative therapy in treatment of phobias, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia etc.

Stay tuned for the outcomes of the Lab!