WP1 Lead Beneficiary: Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (Spain)

Deliverable D1.1 'Consortium agreement signed' (Confidential)

Deliverable D1.2 'Management Plan elaborated and shared among partners' (Confidential)

Deliverable D1.3 'Mid-term Progress report and financial overview submitted to the EU' (Confidential)

Deliverable D1.4 'Documentation on quality monitoring elaborated' (Confidential)

Deliverable D1.5 'Documentation on ethics, privacy and data protection issues elaborated' (Confidential)

WP2 Lead Beneficiary: Agenfor International Foundaton (Italy)

Deliverable D2.1 'Methodology for expert interviews elaborated' (Confidential)

Deliverable D2.2 'Report on interviews completed' (Confidential)

Deliverable D2.3 'Methodology on FGs elaborated' (Confidential)

Deliverable D2.4 'Documentation on focus group completed' (Confidential)

WP3 Lead Beneficiary: “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy (Romania)

Deliverable D3.1 'Report on guidelines and methodology for the preparation of ELs' (Public)

Deliverable D3.1 Summary

Deliverable D3.2 'Report on curricula and content' (Public)

Deliverable D3.2 Summary

Deliverable D3.3 'Report on pre-testing and validation of the pilot version' (Public)

Deliverable D3.3 Summary

Deliverable D3.4 'Report on the implementation of the Experimental Laboratories' (Public)

Deliverable D3.4 Summary

WP4 Lead Beneficiary: University of Groningen (Netherlands)

Deliverable D4.1 'Report on best practices in countering radicalization and polarization among young people' (Public)

Deliverable D4.1 Summary

Deliverable D4.2 'Concept, curricula and content for the TTT programme' (Public)

Deliverable D4.2 Summary

Deliverable D4.3 'Report on the results of the TTT programme' (Public)

Deliverable D4.3 Summary

Deliverable D4.4 'Design of questionnaires for the TTT evaluation' (Confidential)

Deliverable D4.5 'Evaluation report for the TTT' (Public)

Deliverable D4.5 Summary

WP5 Lead Beneficiary: University of Malta (Malta)

Deliverable D5.1 'Methodology and guidelines for the impact assessment' (Confidential)

Deliverable D5.2 'Questionnaires' (Confidential)

Deliverable D5.3 'Report on the results of the questionnaires' (Confidencial)

Deliverable D5.4 'Report on the results of the focus groups' (Confidential)

Deliverable D5.5 'Final evaluation report' (Public)

Deliverable D5.5 Summary

WP6 Lead Beneficiary: LIBRe Foundation (Bulgaria)

Deliverable D6.1 'Communication and Dissemination Plan (CDP), logo and project templates' (Public)

Deliverable D6.1 Summary

Deliverable D6.2 'Project website' (Public)

Deliverable D6.2 Summary

Deliverable D6.3a 'e-Newsletters' M01-M10 (Public)

Deliverable D6.3a Summary

Deliverable D6.3b 'e-Newsletters' M11-M18 (Public)

Deliverable D6.3b Summary

Deliverable D6.3c 'e-Newsletters' M19-M24 (Public)

Deliverable D6.3c Summary

Deliverable D6.4 'Communication materials (banner, giveaways, stickers, fact-sheet, leaflets)' (Public)

Deliverable D6.4 Summary

Deliverable D6.5a 'Press released 1 finalized' M08 (Public)

Deliverable D6.5a Summary

Deliverable D6.5b 'Press released 2 finalized' M18 (Public)

Deliverable D6.5b Summary

Deliverable D6.5c 'Press released 3 finalized' M24 (Public)

Deliverable D6.5c Summary

Deliverable D6.6 'Concept and content for the online campaign' (Public)

Deliverable D6.6 Summary

Deliverable D6.7 'Highlights Brochure' (Public)

Deliverable D6.7 Summary

Deliverable D6.8 'Final dissemination report including final exploitation plan' (Public)

Deliverable D6.8 Summary