The Media Section is dedicated to ARMOUR briefs, newsletters, promotional materials, etc. that could effectively support our stakeholders in getting to know more about the project and our activities.

ARMOUR Newsletter #15 (May - June 2021)

Newsletter #15 provides for a summary of the ARMOUR Toolkit and all its tools for first-line practitioners.

ARMOUR Newsletter #14 (March - April 2021)

Newsletter #14 is dedicated to the European ‘Preventing Polarization and Violent Radicalization’ Conference (#EUPrevent), 26-29 April 2021, jointly organized by 6 ISF‐P European Commission funded projects ‐ Rhizome against Polarization, CHAMPIONs, YoungRes, WayOut, ARMOUR and Bridge.

ARMOUR Newsletter #13 (January - February 2021)

Newsletter #13 presents the ARMOUR most recent developments with regards to the training tools, as well as how the trainings conducted are contextualized considering the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic imposed to the project.

ARMOUR Newsletter #12 (November - December 2020)

Newsletter #12 depicts on the ARMOUR most recent developments, what the project can offer in its last six months, as well as interesting news from sister projects.

ARMOUR Newsletter #11 (September - October 2020)

The eleventh edition of the ARMOUR Newsletter covers the September - October 2020 period, presenting our public engagements, research work and interesting news from sister projects.

ARMOUR Newsletter #10 (July - August 2020)

July started strong for ARMOUR with a presentation at the RADPol2020 Conference and a series of online events in Spain. All other public activities and discussions are postponed after the end of the summer period.

ARMOUR Newsletter #9 (May - June 2020)

The ARMOUR team continued their work on the Experimental Labs, the design of the training-of-trainer’s curricula and the best ways to incorporate the experimental labs feedback into the trainings’ facilitation.

ARMOUR Newsletter #8 (March - April 2020)

Newsletter #8 is dedicated to the implementation of the ARMOUR Experimental Labs in Spain and the Netherlands and some recently published tools and events that could be useful to first-line practitioners.

ARMOUR Newsletter #7 (Jan - Feb 2020)

Newsletter #7 provides an overview of the project’s advancement on the implementation of the ARMOUR Experimental Labs in Romania and Greece and the major project activities for 2020.

ARMOUR Newsletter #6 (Nov - Dec 2019)

Newsletter #6 is focused on the finalization of the ARMOUR research project activities, the Experimental Labs’ curricula and content and their validation with stakeholders.

ARMOUR Newsletter #5 (Sept - Oct 2019)

Newsletter #5 is dedicated to the ARMOUR post-summer updates and activities.

ARMOUR Newsletter #4 (July - Aug 2019)

The fourth edition presents a short overview of research findings and a brief summary of the ARMOUR Experimental Labs methodology.

ARMOUR Newsletter #3 (May - June 2019)

The third edition of the Newsletter is focused on the ARMOUR Focus Groups and their results. It also presents public events that saw the participation of the ARMOUR Project, etc.

ARMOUR Newsletter #2 (Mar - Apr 2019)

Newsletter #2 presents ARMOUR updates and the repository of guidelines, tools, articles, etc. developed by third parties that are identified by the ARMOUR Consortium as best practices in the social polarization field for first-line practitioners working with children and youth.

ARMOUR Newsletter #1 (Jan - Feb 2019)

The first edition of the Newsletter focuses on a detailed presentation of the project and its first implementation steps!