Q1 2020 (tbc)

the Netherlands

Work Package 3 ‘Experimental Labs’ seeks effective design, testing and implementation of a set of seven experimental labs based on (1) the cognitive-behavioural instructional model and (2) the learning by doing model. The main aim of these events is to provide trainees with an essential set of skills and behaviours easily usable and adaptable in their daily professional activities. The labs will be created as a safe chamber where participants can experience alternative ways of responding to push and pull factors of social polarisation and extremism.

The experimental labs will have each a duration of 1 day and will be organised in sets of 3+3+1, each session being dedicated to one set of core competences:

Set of core competences 'Individual capacity building', 3 labs in 3 days

Set of core competences 'Community capacity building', 3 labs in 3 days

Set of core competences 'Proportionate response lab', 1 lab in 1 day

Each experimental lab will be attended by a number of 14-21 trainees, on a proportionality ratio, with 2 or 3 participants from each of the 7 targeted categories – social assistants, psychologists, teachers, CSOs, first line practitioners, security and law enforcement experts, vulnerable community members.

Each session will be followed by at least 2 months of individual practice and feedback collection. Furthermore, labs will be cascaded throughout six of the ARMOUR partner countries giving the project team the opportunity to improve the model and recalibrate it according to findings in each country.

More information on the implementation of each lab will be published in due time! Meanwhile, in case of questions or comments please get let us know via the Contact Section.