Educating young people to develop skills that make them more resilient is one of the most important ways to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism.

'Tools for building individual resilience against polarization and (violent) extremism' Workshop aims to present the different psycho-educational tools that can help first-line practitioners working with youth in this task developed during the ARMOUR project. These social and psychological interventions are very practical and focus on the early stages of polarisation and radicalisation.

The workshop takes place on 27 April 2021 as part of Day 2 of the European Conference on Preventing Polarization & Violent Radicalization 'Strengthening Resilience, Fostering Innovation, Consolidating Lessons & Pioneering New Frontier' (#EUPrevent). Registration for the workshop is available at:

Carola Onderdelinden (University of Groningen) leads the workshop integrating her hands-on practical knowledge with the experience gained throughout the project. Ms Onderdelinden is leading ARMOUR Work Package 4 'Integrating best practices and training', within which the project team designed and is currently carrying out a train the trainer programme for first-line practitioners and civil society representatives on best practices in the field of countering extremist ideologies and polarization among young people, integrating and using the ARMOUR experimental labs in their countering violent extremism activities.

The discussions are moderated by Javier Ruipérez (FUNDEA).

The #EUPrevent Conference is jointly organized by six ISF-P funded projects. Over 30 different organisations and more than 150 practitioners are coming together to share their lessons learned, the outcomes of their projects and discuss issues like (violent) radicalisation, increasing polarisation in our societies and how different projects approach to strengthen the resilience of civil society. More information about the conference, detailed agenda and registration form can be found here.