Earlier this month, ARMOUR delivered the Experimental Labs’ curricula and content. The second stage towards successfully delivering the Experimental Labs in the beginning of 2020 is pre-testing of the Labs’ curricula validating the approach undertaken.

The first Experimental Labs’ pre-testing took place in Bucharest on 20th November 2019 and was attended by 9 participants, including: 4 representatives (security experts) of the Romanian Intelligence Service; 1 representative (psychologist) of the National Administration of Penitentiaries; 2 representatives of the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection; and 2 representatives of the General Directorate for Social Assistance of the Municipality of Bucharest.

The aim of the pre-testing session was to collect effective feedback from practitioners who work directly with children aged 10-18, vulnerable to radicalization and polarization phenomena, in order to recalibrate the proposed exercises to the real needs of the first line practitioners. In this context, the ARMOUR Team presented the concept of each experimental laboratory in terms of context, target group, objective, methodology, expected outcomes and examples of exercise. Participants took part in the exercises, offered feedback and provided valuable suggestions as to how the implementation of the labs could be further fine-tuned to the needs of the stakeholders.

The Labs will be officially launched in the beginning of 2020. If you are interested to take part, drop us a line via the Contact form and stay tuned for more details!