Let us put 2020 behind with a new and existing year ahead of us!

2021 will mark the end of the ARMOUR Project. While 2019 started strong, 2020 was challenging, difficult and in many times confusing. Nevertheless, we learnt a lot and they both prepared us for some great months ahead!

What can ARMOUR offer in its last six months?

ARMOUR is in its final stages of preparing the training of trainers and closing the feedback loop needed to properly evaluate the project outcomes and the ARMOUR Model designed.

ARMOUR will host its training of trainers online and provide all its core materials in various languages for first-line practitioners to explore and deploy the ARMOUR Model via Experimental Labs and trainings.

ARMOUR will design and validation a project Toolkit, containing the results of both the experimental labs and the train-the-trainers programme.

ARMOUR will initiate a social media campaign promoting credible alternatives and positive narratives aimed at capacitating both individuals and communities in creating viable solutions, alternative non-violent ways of expressing grievances and effecting positive change within society.

Cheers to a healthy, positive, and successful 2021!