The pre-testing and validation of pilot version of the Experimental Labs was organized with the participation of sociologists, psychologists, trainers, security experts and practitioners from civil society organizations - part of the project team and/or volunteers, who were provided with a presentation of the guidelines, methodology, curricula and a selected number of exercises. Simulations were employed with the aim to collect feedback and recommendations for improvement.

In order to maximize relevance, ARMOUR organized two pre-testing sessions:

one 8 hours pre-testing session in Bucharest, on November 20th, 2019, attended by 9 first line practitioners who volunteered to take place, and

one 6 hours pre-testing session in Malta, on December 2nd, 2019, attended by 35 participants.

The aim of the pre-testing sessions was to collect feedback from as varied a set of practitioners as possible, on the overall design, philosophy, objectives, expected outcome and types of exercises developed under the Experimental Labs’ curricula. The pre-testing sessions covered exercised from the Coaching and Parenting Lab, the Anger Management Lab, the Debate and Simulation Lab and the Conflict Resolution Lab.

Last week ARMOUR reported on the results and feedback received and adjusted the Labs’ content and exercised where needed. Now, we are looking ahead to the official launching of the Experimental Labs in the ARMOUR partner Member States.

Stay tuned!